Dude, WTF !?

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I had a strange idea and since this is the place where strange ideas are being kept, I decided to share it. 

So as you can see in this quick sketch I tried to focus on the question and the words rather than the image. I am not good at painting with my tablet and I have difficulties managing all the software. But that is irrelevant. 

As for my initial idea I wanted to begin a series of very short dialogues between two or more "dudes" who are talking about  something nasty, extremely nasty. You know when "dudes" get wasted, the conversation goes always in the same direction. Well, that's what I am doing here. There is no need to be drunk but if you prefer it that way, well, feel free. Just release all the naughtiness, all the nastiness that's deep inside you. Share it and let us say : "Dude ! There is something wrong with you!"

Created: Aug 02, 2012

Tags: meme, drawing, poster, abstract, graphic design

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