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Epitome of honesty,you once were

How things changed so fast I’m not sure,

Your claims of majestic love now flow through the streets

No longer reserved for them, for me,

Your actions, they consume her belief.

Drenched in molten, she longs for relief.

The aftermath of another, a foreign quake,

Your love, was it all pretend?

Just another sham?

Saturated in saline she remains

Revolted by your scheming phrases

Your need for foreign perks

Weeded with primal desire,

Your mind, no longer kept.

The ringmaster of deceit, you now stand unaided

No more our song, your tune has faded

Engulfed in fury I am, forgiveness is fictitious

Fictitious like your love

Created: Aug 02, 2012

Tags: deciet, free-verse, poetry

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