Passing Time

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Fadesinto ZACK and DANTE, entering a darkish room, with a monitor. On the monitor, there is a person in a white room. ZACK looks a little pissed, and DANTE has a monotone expression on his face.



What do you mean by that?



What do I mean by what?



(Still annoyed)

What do you mean, they're keeping something from us?


DANTE laughs a bitter laugh.



You know who 'they' are. They have a secret they're not sharing with us. Something regarding him.


DANTE points at the man on the monitor.



They're paying us to watch him. They're NOT paying us to gossip about them all.



What if the subject is dangerous? What if he's diseased?



If he was diseased, we'd notice. We go in there every three months to reset everything. If he was dangerous... Well... We'll get hurt, or die when he leaves.



(looks a little upset)




Well, he's not going to stay in the White Room forever, is he?


DANTE looks concerned. He looks as though he is going to say something, but ZACK holds up a finger.



No. I know what you're going to say. We're NOT going to go there. We're NOT going to ask questions. What's the first things we agreed to do?



(After a pause)

Not ask questions...


ZACK looks proud of himself.



That's right. Don't ask questions. What's rule two?


DANTE Don't leave.


ZACK That's right. We're not supposed to leave here, anyways. We couldn't do anything if we wanted. Now, let's watch ROOTS.


DANTE sighs, and grabs a tape off of a shelf nearby. On TV nearby, ROOTS starts to play. DANTE and ZACK are watching, paying close attention. Camera zooms in slowly onto the monitor. It then switches to a camera inside the White Room. The camera turns around from the man in the White Room and the audience sees a large group of people, watching a monitor with ZACK and DANTE on it. The camera gets a close up to the man inside the White Room, and he smiles, right at the camera.

Created: Aug 01, 2012


GregDinskisk Document Media