Broadcast: The Holiday

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A Broadcast: Voyagers to Echoes.

Tomorrow marks the holiday.

We will observe.

As with all days your fires should burn out with the light.

It is recommended that you avoid bridge understructures and intersections.

It is unlikely that you will encounter a Voyager that is in worse condition than yourself but if that is the case then do not offer help, for you are a ruined Echo and therefore weaker than our weakest.

It has become clear to us that we, much like your past have not yet detached ourselves from greed.

Our stomachs are again bloated with gasoline and the opinions of millions.

We must learn the names of whomever we are running from.

This could very well be another new end of the world.

Only until there is nothing left will we construct ceremonies out of the static and we will let the electricity run loose.

However, your priorities for now should lie in minimizing whatever damage may come.

Broadcast Complete.

Created: Aug 01, 2012

Tags: collabarations, text, voyager, monologue

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