Multiple Faces

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I want to write this small story about myself to share it with whoever reads it..

Everyone has their personalities set. Adventurous, out-goers, liars, hard-workers, meanest, straight-forwards, etc.  Those who are always acting the same wherever they go and with who they are around with.

As my previous writing, I don’t truly know who I am, haven’t discovered it yet. That is why I tend to have multiple faces with plenty of groups I hangout with.

I am being a two-face? Or a fake person? Maybe, according to those people to tend to hate others for being bi-polar. As for me, this is my way of sticking to a group. My way to make sure I am noticed with who I am around with.

Probably you’re thinking, “You should be yourself and don’t to be someone else in order for others to like you.” But what if, being me, isn’t the right way in a certain group? What if I’m judged and made fun? What if I get called shady or any other insults? What do I have to do in order for that not to happen? Here are some examples about what I am trying to say…

Family: Solo. I don’t usually talk to them. At my house I keep to myself. Don’t talk too much but when I do, a simple “yes” or “no” will come out of my mouth to answer to a family member. I stay in my room 99.9% of the time I am home and don’t tend to walk out unless I’m actually going out, to eat, or the bathroom. I’m that guy in the family who no one will talk to because they’re afraid.

Friends: Out-going. Probably the most annoying guy ever! You know why? I talk 110% of the time we are together. I even cut people off when they’re talking because I have to say something. I know, kind of rude but I can’t help it. Speak out my mind and tend to be a hilarious comedian. I love making my friends laugh. Either along with my cousins or just by myself saying random stuff.

Brothers: Quietest. For some reason I feel really uncomfortable when I am around them. I know that it isn’t the way I should feel around them. I just feel like the outcast, the one no one pays attention to. That one guy who gets thrown to the back. Let me make it clear, I am not saying they’re doing this to me, but rather the way I feel when I am around them. Most likely the most difficult group…

Strangers: Polite. Being nice is a major thing for me. Everyone should be treated in a polite way no matter what.  When I meet someone, I am a bit shy but break out of it fast. I like talking to people and getting to meet new people.

Best friends: There isn’t a huge difference with my regular friends, but these people truly know the only face I can live the most. Perla, Karen and Carlos are by far the only people who I guess I can say, understand all faces. They know as much about me as I know about myself.

I know having all these faces isn’t the right thing to do. But I feel like having only one won’t go well with all my peers. I feel like I will be judged in so many ways. I won’t be like.

“Hopefully, one day, all these faces, all these personalities, will merge to create only one that even myself can accept…

Created: Aug 01, 2012


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