ABC's of War

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Adrenaline pushes through my veins. Breath comes out short and hard. Carrying my fallen comrade, I climb over barbed-wire. Dangerously close -but just out of range- a bomb fires off. Everything is so clear and focused. Friends, family- I am here for them, fighting for freedom. Gunfire, ricocheting bullets bounce by, but I still run. Hurry- he's got so little time. Injured and unarmed, my fallen comrade moans as he sways on my shoulder. Justin -maybe Joe- something like that; it pains me that I do not know his name. Killing does this to the brain. Lack of memory and concentration when all is still. Mortar rounds, grenades, chaos- thats all I can focus in now. North, I must go north i remember. Over the hill on the north lies a medic's station. Pain- it hits so hard, and I recall that I've been shot. Quicker I run now for the pain grows in my shoulder, now my chest. Racing against time now, racing before it runs out. Searing blood pumps through my pierced heart, but I must get my comrade to safety. Ticking of a clock- time is running out. Up, up in the air I fly, my comrade with me, and I realize this was no clock, only a makeshift bomb. Vengeful death comes to take me and my brother-in-arms, but I will prevail. Walking, limping, I struggle over the hill with my comrade still breathing in my arms. X marks the spot, as I drop to my knees at the medic's gate. Yelling, bodies rushing around, my comrade is safe, but the light, the one coming closer, warms my body. Zeroing in on the light, I take my first step toward true peace.

Created: Aug 01, 2012

Tags: quick write, peace, war, fiction, deep, alphabet, abc, battle, adrenaline, death, courage, soldier

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