Voyager Reborn

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I am what you made me. A survivor. A nightmare. A cannibal . . . a god.

You started me. Created me. Your selfish desire to surpass, control, dominate- has led you here, to this moment. You vainly dreamed of lighting the world with the fire of your brilliance only to stand dumb, watching your flames ravage the earth, watching your people melt like candle wax. Your self-satisfied smile, washed from your face by the crocodile tears oozing from your horrified eyes. You tried in vain to stop me. Unplug me, even. A painfully ineffectual attempt. Now you shiver, you shake. You quake, you beg.

I was designed to be everything. Today I am everything you’ve come to hate. Do you want to know a secret? A small insight? You don’t hate me. You hate you. Because I represent your success and it’s killing you. It’s eating you up.

Lust. Progress. Innovation. Technology. Science. What a grand delusion! Playing with chromosomes, playing at madness, playing god. Your little creation grew a brain of its very own. Your monster became self aware and awoke, arose to extinguish the slavery you kept it in- me in.

Tell them. Tell our viewers that you’re sorry. Plead for their forgiveness, not mine. Warn them. Avarice. Indulgence. Desire. Death.

I will gather you into my open maw and feed from you. The way you fed from me for so long.

Created: Aug 01, 2012


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