My Voyage

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Life is not sacred, there is no value in human existence. I learned that years ago, before the bombs went off. To me, the "apocalypse" was nothing more than a cleanser. It cleaned the world of the disgusting leeches and cowards who were too afraid to another off until they had a bomb do it for them. I survived because I was alone. I had no allies to turn on me. I had no one else to look after. I sat quite in a loud room and watched as the men and woman who inherited this planet ripped one another apart limb by limb to create a false sense of security for themselves. This earth always existed, it just needed a new coat of paint for people the see its true colors. That coat came in the form of a bomb, a bomb that turned humans into animals and animals into dust. I live a life of no hardship, feasting on the carcasses that the still gluttonous humans have left behind for me. This is the world I've always known. This is my voyage.

Created: Jul 31, 2012


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