Bring Me Through

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You took dark days and you made them brighter.
Turned a broken girl into a fighter.
Showed me I was not alone,
when it seemed that all my hope had flown.

From the power of rock that made me feel alive,
to emotional opera that helped me survive.
From cheerful pop that gave a reason to smile,
to great movie soundtracks enjoyed for a while.

Whenever the world seemed to come crashing down,
my headphones were there to drown out the sound.
I turned music up loud and it washed me away,
so I could be someone else and get out of the fray.

Now times are different and life has moved on,
and my need to fight is almost all gone.
Nostalgic tunes take up place in my mind,
so I can deal with thoughts I've not left behind.

The music still plays, but I can't help but smile,
when I hear all those favourites I loved as a child.
The way I connect with a powerful song,
is something that's been in my life all along.

Music, bring me through whatever's ahead,
from a long distance run to a cold night in bed,
you've been there in the past like a secret retreat,
and things just can't go wrong when I'm lost in the beat.

Created: Jul 31, 2012


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