Send Me Your Brains

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Friend, woman, country recording artist
Send my your brains
I will sign for them
But by the time I manage to get them all cleaned up
And properly mounted and decorated
Like all the cool brains I've seen in all of the magazines
By that time the brains will have lost their glow
And I won't know how to fix that
But later at the honky tonk
When the last dance has been danced
And the last wild animal has been shipped overseas
I'll think of your brains
And I'll know just what to say to them
And I'll know just what song to play on the hi-fi
To persuade these brains to be my friends
And teach me their secret languages
So that I can read my stories to them
And light new lights for them
To replace the lights they had in the past
Before I messed them all up

Created: May 29, 2010


RichieMillennium Document Media