The summer i'll never forget..

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You came into my life that summer like a wave onto the shore.It was as though we had been destined to meet, tied by some compelling forces.I believe that we all cross the path of our soul mate sometime in this life and one of us always knows. In our case i had known from the day I met you, you seldom ever spoke to me but your words soothed my nerves like good scotch. You see a troubled marriage didn't really do wonders to my system but you brought back to me what i missed most, MYSELF !With you came the summer of my life, with you around i was nothing but happy.The world seemed to think you were leading me on for you knew how crazily in love i was, but not even for a moment did i put my faith in them. It was a warm summer night, there was a party and i remember i had downed a bottle of wine and somewhere in the background i heard someone play wicked games, our song. I remember you drawing me closer, i remember we kissed and i remember all the love i have ever felt brought into that one moment and i remember it was beautiful.The memory of that summer is etched in my mind like a fossil,all the love that i will possibly ever find i have already felt. You had to go and you did, but i hold no regrets.As i write this you are probably with your friend Mr.Jack and i know not if you think of me, but someday dear soul mate summer will make its way back into our lives, if not in this life , i will surely see you on the other side of all of this ....

Created: Jul 31, 2012


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