Land, then take off.

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What a long night, thought Thomas the owl. After hours of flight, searching for food, he finally had a chance to go home and see his beautiful owl wife, Leticia.


Thomas swooped down and around the obstacles that stood in his way. His landing made a thudding noise on a rather hollow branch. He rotated his neck, searching for his dearest Leticia.


“Oh, hello!” hooted Thomas the owl. Leticia had dropped down from a branch above, she had been lingering in the darkness. “What’s wrong?”


“I have been waiting for you to come home. There’s something I have to tell you.” Her words were emitted a bit too quietly, even for an owl.


Shocked. The owl was shocked beyond belief. Before he knew it, he found his counterpart, his love, his wife, shouting and screeching. Her words - an endless stream of obscurity and confusion for Thomas the owl. From what he could piece together with the bits of insanity that spewed from his wife’s beak he understood - she was unhappy. She was unhappy, and she was going to leave.


All the while, their owl son, John, perched not too far away, stared; mortified.

Created: Jul 31, 2012

Tags: prose, free-verse, fiction

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