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I hate it when it happens because you never see it coming. You might have known them for 30 seconds or 30 years. What happens is this: you're having a conversation with them about something trivial, like, a movie. And then they'll say something in the conversation, which at first doesn't seem like a big deal, just a single remark in a larger conversation. But then something happens. That one remark, or maybe even several of them, stick in your memory long after the conversation. You repeat the words over and over, wondering why those exact words are resounding in your brain. They're no different than words you've heard before, but for some reason they stick with you. And then it hits you that you've been sitting with this person, and these little phrases, on your mind, for over twelve hours. 


And then suddenly you think, and maybe even say out loud,


"Oh fuck. I think I like them."

Created: Jul 31, 2012

Tags: crush, love, attraction, prose

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