Island of madness

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    Lost in emptiness, the young lady woke up every day with a certain despair merged with a weakened hope, which was the result of the days she was no more able to stablish contact with the external world. It has been six months since her cruel fate had met her, echoing a mournful and cloddish tone in every fiber of her being.

    Eight days had passed and not a single signal came to the young woman, who now, more than ever, wanted and needed to hear another sound that wasn't the sound of the waves, or of the seagulls that hummed around that island. Now, the sound of madness was closer than ever.

    It didn't matter how much she claimed, it was useless how many letters she put in that whiskey bottle, no rescue would come, not even an answer. At night, when the stars sparkled in that vast sky like ambers in a smoldering fire place, the lady faced herself with a simple fact of the existence, however extremely melancholic and treacherous to her expectations: the world, just like the immeasurable sky, was filled with stars

   And by realizing that she would be only one more star spreaded around the cosmos, the woman finally wakes up from her dream, which seemed like a second reality. She gets up from her bed and sees she was alone in her old apartment, just like in the island, but she saw that there was nothing to worry about, because at the counter of her kitchen there were more whiskeys to be open.

Created: Jul 31, 2012


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