Summer. Ready or Not.

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Summer. Ready or not, here it is. Hot, hot, hot and kinda scary. Having to go outside, take of the coat and fleece and jumper and shirt and bare a little skin. God, I feel exposed. Stupid really. I mean, exposed? In a t-shirt? For real? Really real. No kidding. I'm not sure why. I remember one Summer having an argument with my Grandparents and storming into the back garden with my Winter coat on and just staying out there and sweating. To make a point. God knows what point I was trying to make but I was stubborn. Stubborn maybe impersonating stupid in this case.

Summer. Hard to sleep and hard to think. The desperate urge to do something. Be fit! Exercise. Be all that you can be and possibly a little bit more. Waking up in the heat, still taking a hot hot shower though, because that makes sense yes? Yes. The heat frees the mind though, makes me think in a different way. Slower, deeper.

Summer is a relief. I live in a climate where Winter is deadly. Literally, you may die if you're not careful. Summer is a relief. Summer is something to be thankful for.

What else is it to me? It's something I'm learning to appreciate. Be less afraid of. Expose myself to. Summer makes me a little self conscious, a little shy but in the end it makes me smile. Which is pretty cool.

Created: Jul 31, 2012


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