Time Future / Time Past

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This is a REmix of a REmix I did of Joe freestyling some T.S. Eliot.

I wanted the reading to be the focus of this video, but I wanted to open and close it with some kind of retro context. And with the aid of some public domain footage I was able to make the storyline involve some kind of timeless airwaves broadcast theme.

In addition to the "Television Tomorrow" public domain footage I also used snippets of "The Story of Television" located here: http://www.archive.org/details/StoryofT1956.

Created: May 28, 2010

Tags: remixed, t.s. eliot, graphic, regular joe, houses, reading, logo, poem, stock, poems, scratch, poetry, regularity, freestyle, edit, improv, buildings, tv, retro, set, zoom, old fashioned, lightning, black and white, joe, b-roll, present, studio, watching, city, business, overhead, iconpublic domain, aerial, reciting, town, graphics, suburbia, past, homes, freestyling, antenna, sweep, sky, recite, urban, monitors, skyscraper, airwaves, watch, new york, 3, footage, remix, scratches, animation, future, revise, broadcast, audio, b and w, video, cartoons, cartoon, camera, joseph, jgl, three, b&w, roam, timeless, ancient, suburbs, videos, radio, time, building, studios, swish, monitor, lens, businessman, executive, zap, station, tower, splice, television, waves, old, regularjoe, air, editing, house

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