RECharged's Excellent Adventure, pt 2

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Astrud’s excellent adventure, pt 2

We left with “where’s Monica?!??”….in Austin, while RECharged is hanging out with the hR bunch before the Spring Spectacular at SXSW:

10:30am Astrud: So finally Monica calls me and tells me she's on her way! I feel better now knowing that she's not lost or anything like that.

She tells me she's about two blocks or so from the convention center. Again, a good sign. It was absolutely cold this particular weekend for some reason. I just remember that it snowed in Dallas the next day. So I'm glad she's near the venue at least.

But a good 20 minutes pass and no Monica and she is a fast walker! I call her numerous times. No answer. I text. No answer. And then they start letting people into the theater! No Monica!

I'm in line at this point and the ones with the badge are let in first. I think from the point of me standing in line to reaching the door, I'm extremely worried. Then, I enter the door and I'm all "Psh. Your loss. I'm going to enjoy this night." By then, my theory was that she's rather drunk at this point and either forgot or was busy getting drunk. I think I would have just liked a text saying hey I can't make it instead of me waiting since she said she was on her way?

So I enter the room and everybody's excited! The Introdictionary is on my chair and I happen to get seated on the first row!

My favorite moment was when Joe was up on the stage and he has this smile on his face as flash after flash is seen. Everybody's just eagerly recording everything and he says something along the lines of "I can't believe how many people are RECording this" or something. I have a video of him saying that and I'll have to post it one of these days.

Oh oh! I have an extra one because the girl next to me did not want hers! I can send it to you!

10:40am Me: reallly?!?? AWESOME!!! i was in the chat room, btw, and saw that moment online.

10:40am Astrud: YES! Wasn't that the coolest moment? I mean, people have all sorts of equipment from their phone to high-tech cameras with the same idea, to record that very moment.

All of Spring Spectacular was great from singing on stage to watching The Zeppelin Zoo! The energy in that room was so contagious. There was a moment of hesitation about going up on stage to sing with The New Time but that faded away so quickly.

Seeing Sarah and Lawrie in the flesh as well as Charlotte and Sean. I just remember having the biggest smile on my face as I tried to snap pictures. It was definitely one of the times when I was literally in the moment. There was no thinking of what I was going to do tomorrow or what I should have done before I left home.

10:45am Me: hey, we were even having a blast in the chat room! which is pretty impressive, after all! dan kept passing by the camera that was recording for us, and we decided that every time he did, we would chug whatever drinks we were drinking! it was a drinky night! and i guess someone told him, cuz once he came before the camera and just kept going back and forth....which had us all laughing a lot!

10:45am Astrud: HAHAHA! That is hilarious! Oh Dan! He's a pro with that camera!

So long story short, the Spring Spectacular was phenomenal and when it ended, Joe reminded us that Midnight Matinee was going to be at the Alamo Drafthouse.

As I was headed out, I walked up to Dan and asked him where I would be able to get a red REC button and he smiles and tells me I came to the right place before handing me one! I have to say, I felt super cool at that moment.

The Alamo Draft house was just a few blocks but you're right, completely different atmosphere. The 2nd venue was absolutely more relaxed and chill and people could get drinks!

10:49am Me: believe me, that became VERY apparent to us who were watching. LOL

10:49am Astrud: HAHA! My iPhone was dying at this point. It's like 11 or something and I met these random people from Michigan who were still in the Convention Center and one of them has an iPhone charger!

We chat about how they drove all the way from Michigan with no real place to stay. They just wanted to experience SXSW and so they woke up and decided to drive a few days before.

10:51am Me: and still no Monica?

10:51am Astrud: Still no Monica! I call her right after I get out and still no Monica. My plan is now to charge my iPhone, call her and go to the Midnight Matinee.It's important to find Monica now though because she's my lodging - And because I have no idea where she is!

10:53am Me: oh, i'm sure you could have gone home with someone...or rode in that buggy all night with sean! ;-);-)

10:53am Astrud: HAHA! I would have given a leg and arm to be on that buggy! That looked so damn cool!

10:54am Me: i was instantly fond of lyla. wonder if she's on hR? she was great.

10:55am Astrud: YES. So I chat with these cool Michigan people who were telling me about all the cool people they've met! They slept in some band artist's apartment the night before!

Anyway, so now I've walked to the Alamo Drafthouse and I'm waiting in line, chatting with more people. AND THEN MONICA CALLS.

Monica sounds drunk, pretty drunk. I'm telling her that I might be at this place until 2 am or so and that I'm on 6th street. She's going "I love you. Just have fun tonight! Don't worry about me! I'm at this place. I love you. I'm so happy"

So I feel better now. At least I know where she is so that if she doesn't pick up the phone again, I can physically walk over there. Oh, and now we're in the theater and I am seated next to two pretty awesome people! To my left is the guy who sang "Make Em Laugh" with Joe and to my right is a guy who worked on the movie Skateland. I think he was the producer.

And as said earlier and witnessed by you, the 2nd time was rowdier, crazier, and more influenced by liquor. haha.

11:00am Me: well, kudos to you for going and just having yourself a good ol’ time.
- did you see him do that on SNL? it was astonishing!

11:01am Astrud: It was! The flips though! I was a little nervous for him!

It was a blast! The stage was smaller but hey, that was good, it just brought everyone closer to each other! It was a great night all in all! I got that second photo with him with us looking shocked!

And then I asked him to introduce I Can't Turn the Lights Off for my Human Rights class. I can't remember if I uploaded it or not.

It was just a fun night overall! Like that one article said, it was like we all knew each other and it was more of a reunion than random people getting together

Me: sure....cuz everyone shares their stuff! which is def like getting to know each other!

11:04am Astrud: The JGL stomp was also a hit with everyone and Joe playing drums. Okay, highlight of the night though was when I was in line about to ask for a photograph, this girl is asking for a kiss on the cheek.

The girl behind me whispers "He's not going to give you a kiss. He has a girlfriend." Then I hear Joe say "I can't give you a kiss on the cheek because it's sensual." The girl asking for a kiss goes "A kiss on the cheek is not sensual! It's just on the cheek" To which Joe replies "Then you haven't been kissed right on the cheek"

That was a pretty clever reply!

11:08am Me: somehow, i suspect he isn't really that puritanical about it. but i understand.

11:08am Astrud: Hahaha. I hear you. But can you imagine if he said yes? Can you imagine how many people would flock him? I can see the headlines for the next day being completely different!

So around 2 or 2:30, I say goodbye to my new friends and I head out. I was going to grab pizza before calling Monica.

11:11am Me: 11:11am!!

11:11am Astrud: NICE! We'll take a moment. :):)

11:11am Me: { ---- }

11:12am Astrud: I'm happy we shared that 11:11 together :):)

11:13am Me: :-):-) me too.

11:13am Astrud: So where was I? Oh yeah, so I'm leaving and I call Monica right. No answer.

11:13am Me: surprise!

11:13am Astrud: Haha! I grab my pizza and walk over to where she said she was at last. There's only a handful of people there now and she's not one of them.

I keep walking, keep calling. I'm still relatively calm at this point. No answer still.

I go in one of the souvenir stores on 6th street because I was going to get another Keep Austin Weird shirt and I run into a high school friend!

11:15am Me: everything is open at 3am?!?!!

11:16am Astrud: Yes! That place is apparently open for a LONG time!

The police in their horses are starting to clear people off of 6th street now though, basically saying SXSW is over people, go home!

I'm with my friend now and I tell her my woes and politely ask if I could crash at her place since I have no idea where Monica is. We get to her place and I call Monica one last time before going to bed. This time it goes straight to voicemail so I'm guessing her phone died.

I'm exhausted at this point so I leave a message. I need to wake up early the next day so I can go meet the other people that we got a ride from though. I wake up at like 7:30, no calls. I just got a text from my mom with a picture of how much snow was on the ground, but no Monica. And I check my email and Monica's already in Dallas!

So apparently, she lost her phone at some point in the night and didn't know how to contact us. The people that she was hanging out with were headed to Dallas that morning at 4 am so she just went ahead and went with them since she didn't have a way of contacting us the next day to meet up and stuff.

All I know is I was really confused and I still had to wake up and take the bus to meet up with the other people

So she's in Dallas now. I'm on a bus to meet people and when I get there, they're still asleep so I wait outside since no one's answering just yet.

I just bussed to make it to the house that the two other people we drove down with stayed at.
I got back home to snow! Haha. It was quite an adventure!

Still to come…RECharged meets Lula’s heroic grandma!

RECharged's Excellent Adventure, pt 2

Created: May 28, 2010

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