Summer (RE: 10 Min Writing Challenge #4)

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Summer can be a time of being free. It means all kinds of activities you can do. Especially parks. Like Ball parks, city parks, and amusement parks. Summer can be hot, but it can also be rainy. I prefer it when in the summer it is not too hot and not too rainy/cold. Summer never has a perfect temperature, but it does have those moments of the mixture of hot and cold. Another thing summer has got going for it is the clothes. You can wear tank tops, shorts, halters, you name it. It can be fashionable or just plain gross. Summer can bring out gross clothing too. Some people really dont need to wear what they wear, in my opinion. Summer for the kids means being away from school for 3 months or so.. popsicles, Ice cream, Pools, and friends run through their minds. For grown adults, like me, when you really dont have to worry about going back to school, is getting days oof work to do fun summer-y things that you want to do. Hell, you know... Summer also means great big summer movies. They can be long-awaited independents or big franchise films. Summer does have one thing that most people dont look forward too and that is sunburn. Summer sunburn can be hurtful and quite dangerous and that is why people use (I hope) suntan lotion to block those UV Rays. All in all summer is a great time or the year. It can be wet or dry, Hot or very mild. Fun or miserable. How you want your summer to play out is entirely up to how you make it. I know I like to pack my summers with trips and movies, and just trying my very best to have fun and stay cool.

Created: Jul 30, 2012


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