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I should do more with my life.
I should volunteer at an animal shelter
I should learn how to play tennis
I should buy Marvel comic books
I should try on dozens of swimsuits with my friends
I should learn how to play the guitar
I should drive down to Galveston and enjoy the beach
I should tell my dad I love him
I should buy a puppy and spoil him rotten
I should sail a kite or sail the seven seas
I should be happy
But all I can think about is you

Summer is the season you told me you loved me
Summer is the season God took you away
Summer reminds me of pain and heartache
Summer tastes bitter on my tongue
Summer feels like crushed dreams and lost hope
Summer tears at my heart

I could buy chai lattes and smile at the men who say hi
I could visit your grave and shower it with flowers
I could sit and talk to you for hours
I could take up a new hobby
I could run a marathon
I could love someone else

But it's summer
Summer is the season we first made love
Summer is the season I buried you
Summer hurts
Summer sucks
Summer kills
Summer breaks my heart

I don't want to pretend that I'm happy
I don't want to be alone
I don't want to cry myself to sleep every night

But it's summer
Summer is the season we met
Summer is the season you left me here alone
Summer, as cruel as it is, is all I have left of you.

Created: Jul 30, 2012


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