Sort of Thing

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It's a green light sort of thing

Midnight, can't sleep, They said it's alright

Sort of thing, so you cling

On to everything they feed you, till it's right

Go with the flow, of their words

A cold bath, sort of thing, turning blue

Sort of thing, What you want to say "Reword!"

They say, Till there's none of you

"Potential!" Sort of thing, but only lies

In the sense that it hurts, but you can't fall

That piece was just a one night fling, take the advise

But really lies, Because no one knows it all

Then you go back to the, Yes. No. Maybe.  So.

Joe doesn't sell those, Crack. Bones'll shatter

Imagination slows, To own all the Throes!

No one really uses those words, More controversial matter!

Don't want to be commercial, blurred at your best

You used it wrong, Still made sense 'cause anything does

Sanity's gone, Insanity has gone mainstream, writer's blessed

Go on and do and explain all the becauses,

rose colored idea of causes


Created: Jul 30, 2012

Tags: poetry

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