A Taxidermist's Nightmare

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I begged and begged with a god I thought had forsaken me. To trade places with the beast, that had destroyed and displayed my friends and I, upon a wall for all to see.
It was a dark and stormy night, when my prayer was answered. The thunder masked the sound of our corpses ripping from the wall.
In a hail of talons and claws, we ascended upon him, while he slumbered in his chair.
We tore out his eyes and scooped out his insides. He was surprisingly tasty for a demon. Although, it could've been that when deprived for so long, anything used to fill our emptiness, would've been divine.
As the sun approached, we escaped the hell, he had tried to make our home. We sunned ourselves just outside the picture window, perched in trees and scattered about the forest floor. With front row seats, we admired the scarecrow we had created.
The expression on his face, we all agreed, should remain horrid and human. So it would be sure to scare away any other creature it happened upon.

Created: Jul 29, 2012


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