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“Look at him!”
“Who? The tall one? Number three?”
“Yea, that is Kaden’s best friend. He is so good.”
Anne, my childhood best friend, and I were at the season’s first home basketball game. The team that her new boyfriend played on was up by fifteen points. Not an unusual occurrence. They had legendary players, coaches, and scores. We yelled to each other to talk, the crowd was on their feet the whole game shouting and chanting. It was an animal of its own kind. The other team was a rival; the only team in the whole state that mattered when it came to winning. Kaden was the team captain, a senior, and very popular. Somehow Anne had caught his eye and she said yes the second he asked her out. He was her first boyfriend, she was lovesick. I had never met him in person, at least not yet. Their relationship was fresh and fragile, like most high school relationships, it was based all on physical aspects. I doubt she even cared whether he liked the same things, lived a similar lifestyle, worshipped the same God. He was the first boy to ask her on a date, there was no way on earth a seventeen year old home-schooled girl would turn away an offer like that one.
So here we were second row from the court. Blending right into the shouts and roars, a sea of red and gold. We cheered as if we had supported this team our whole lives. I watched the people around me, wondering why I felt so out of place. I had never been to a high school sports event before. In fact I had never done anything with public high schoolers before. I was home schooled by very conservative parents who insisted that I stay pure and untainted by the world. But on this night I had somehow convinced them to allow me to go to this game with Anne. She nudged me,
“Look, number three is going to dunk it!”
I spun my head toward this number three, my eyes widened. Number three was no shorter than six foot four, muscles everywhere. He lept off the court and soared toward the basket, slamming the ball into that white net, he dropped to the ground. I had never heard such cheering. The boy had done it, he had slammed dunked the ball. The buzzer howled. Game over; score 96-79. As the students ran out onto the court to praise their victorious team Anne and I stood back.
“Wow! That was a really intense game.”
She laughs,
“Yea, it was. I hope Kaden hurries. I can’t wait to see him.”
I cannot help but roll my eyes.
“Does he know where to find you afterwards?”
“Of course. I told him I would be waiting on the bleachers.”
I nod. Who is that number three? Jeez! He was something.
“Hey Evi, would you run out and grab my purse from the car, I need my lip gloss.” She looks over at me with her big begging hazel eyes.
“Sure, I guess. Be right back.”
I grabbed her keys annoyingly and walk out of the hot noisy gym. Why the hell does she need lip gloss? Damn girlfriend syndrome. I maneuver through the crowds of students, parents, teachers that filled the hall way. Unable to remember where the exit was I wondered for a few minutes. Jesus! Enough doors! I walked up to a set of glass doors and push my way outside. The cool winter air slapped me in the face. I realize I have left my jacket in the gym. I wrap my arms around me tightly trying to shade my bear arms from the cold wind. Where the hell did she park? I was even more annoyed now.
A voice, a guy’s voice called out. I spun around nearly knocking me over was number three. He was much taller in person. I looked up at him, taken aback.
I stammered, fumbling oddly for my words. What did he want?
“I saw you in the bleachers. You don’t go here do you?”
Saw me in the bleachers? What the hell dude.
“Oh, yea, uh…I don’t go here. No, I’m homeschooled. Here with my friend Anne, she’s Kaden’s new girlfriend.”
I felt the need to explain myself to him. Like he would find me weird if I had no connections with anyone. He smiled at me. God!
“Oh! Kaden’s new girlfriend. Yea, he talks about her all the time. Guys fucking crazy!”
He laughs to himself. And keeps talking.
“Yea, I saw you leave and wanted to know your name.”
I was glad of the night’s darkness because I am almost certain my face was as red as a cherry, not to mention my eyes were wide open with shock. I couldn’t find my words.
“Evallyn, my name’s Evallyn. But everyone calls me Evi.”
He smiles wider, steps a little bit closer.
“I’m Coltin. You’re cute and it’s nice to meet you.”
I quit breathing. What? I’m cute! Whoa. Slow down, you keeping talking like that I might end up liking you.
“Oh, uh, thanks.”
I don’t know what to say so I just look down at my feet. Then back up at him who is grinning sheepishly. God, he looks so innocent and sweet.
“Hey, here’s my number. Call me sometime?”
I take the little scrap of paper. A smile escaped my lips,
He turned to leave; my heart dropped into my stomach and started first pumping. I breathed deeply trying not to faint in excitement and slight fear. While still standing there watching him, he turns back around toward me and walks up so fast he could have been running and stops directly in front of my face. My eyes widen, my heart pounds, he grabs my hand; instantly a tingle runs up my arm and into my whole body. He takes his other hand and places it on my cold face. Breathe damnit! My eyes are locked with his, his still wears the grin, the grin of experience, and he moves closer to my face until his nose is touching mine. I don’t budge at all. My hand grips his a little tighter, I was losing my balance, and my whole equilibrium seemed to have done a few summersaults. His eyes close and he places his lips on mine. Oh my God! His lips are warm, soft and he presses them against mine. I quiver. I open his lips slightly, making them tuck between mine. My eyes are closed and I can’t feel anything but this kiss. My whole body feels like it has ignited on fire, a slow dancing fire. He lifts his lips off and smiles.
“You’re delicious Evi.”
Oh, sweet Jesus. I smile in spite of myself. He let’s go of my mind, which only then did I realize I had been giving the grip of death. Standing back to what feels like a great distance, he admires me, turns slowly and walks back inside the school.
“Oh, Lord. What the hell just happened?”
I turn around and walk into the parking lot, wearing a grin like a fool and skipping to a new tune.
My first kiss.
I was 16.


Created: Jul 29, 2012

Tags: first kisses, creative writing, short story

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