Leftover Guts- Taxidermist

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What to do with all these guts? guts, guts, guts, guts, guts. What is one to do? I could play scientist and stack them in jars of formaldehyde. Or play voyeur, and spread them thin upon a glass table and watch them squirm from beneath. I could play coroner, and dissect them, slicing through the esophagus to discover their last supper. And with this knowlege, I could play hunter, by using this bait to catch another. I then could play God, holding their fate in my hands, and start the procedure all over again. But my favorite part, is what is left, the skin sarcophagus. Playing optometrist, I add the marble eyes, to faces with expressions frozen in time. Looks of shock and amazement abound. To all pleased critics, I take a bow. I hear them shout, "encore!" So eager to watch again, never tire of my role as taxidermist. I'm worshipped like a god, by them.

Created: Jul 29, 2012


brandi_jeaux Document Media