Shelter REmix - An Alternate Ending

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Another Shelter REmix. This is a 'what if' version, an ending or a beginning of what might happen to Michelle if she had chosen to trust Ames in the end.

This is a short version of an alternate storyline:

Michelle had never cursed herself more than this. She was about to die...why hadn't she trusted her own instinct rather than trusting that bastard Ames. Now badly wounded and losing her arm as a prize for her foolishness. The Elders were nothing more but cowards

Why not do it themselves rather than sending those hell beasts?
She quietly cursed.

There was no more hope of survival. As much as she had longed to join David in the afterlife, deep down inside her, she still wanted to live. What are the odds? The wild dogs were all around her and they had wanted nothing more but to devour her - bone and flesh.

Foolish girl... Michelle snapped upon hearing a mysterious voice echoing in her mind. "What's this...who the hell?"

If you so seek to live on, then embrace my power...

She could no longer make sense of the situation. She was already wounded and about to lose consciousness, now...she started to hear voices. Is this what it's like when one's life hangs on the very edge of death?

Stop your daydreaming you hussy and come back to reality! Look here, to your right...

A box? Michelle thought to herself upon seeing the object that was speaking to her.

I'm no box you fool. Haven't you heard of the Pandora's Box?

Yes, she knew clearly of it. She used to tell this tale of the Goddess Elphis and the Pandora Box to David. Michelle couldn't believe that such a thing actually existed.

Well? Do you wish to be dog food or live to fight on?

Michelle couldn't bear the fact that she was about to die in the hands of these insufferable Elders. Despite the pain, she made her move, slowly crawling her way to the Pandora's Box that called upon her.

She had nothing more to lose. She only wanted revenge now.

Yes...We'll seek revenge. Come my child, embrace your future.

With that, Michelle stretched out her left arm and took in the power of the Pandora's Box - Nero.

Created: Jul 29, 2012


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