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What did you see?

Blue flashing lights. His face was ashen. Stars on the junction.

What happened next? My notebook hadn’t even been scratched.

Two creatures left the road. He hastily finished, they went into a cave.

Keep going. My pen still hadn’t moved.

There….there were flashing red lights. He was stammering at this stage.

From the junction? I linked things logically. Where you saw the blue?...lights was it?

No….no….no! The cave. He looked exasperated. Look, If you don’t believe me….well. just fuck off!

Carry on your story sir. This mild amusement was helping my mood.

Well. I followed them. Through cave I mean. He eyed me suspiciously, are you taking any notes?

Please sir. Some of us have jobs.

Yes….no offence, he knew I was his last hope. The cave wasn’t a cave.


It was a tunnel.

OK. This was my first note; he looked satisfied and content in that he’d come up with something I hadn’t expected.

I followed the dark, shadowed passages until I arrived on the other side. Pause for effect, and there in my own eyes was the picture of a ufo.

And it’s all over.

Sir, there have never been UFOs - I was slightly disappointed with the story and the coffee - No extra-terrestrial life has ever landed on, or will ever land on Zorgia!

The man face was distorted.

We are alone!!!

Created: Jul 29, 2012


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