Flooding Sky

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there's a valley over the hill
where the waters flow and spill
the man with a gun will show you the way
he can guide or decide the games that you may not wanna play
figures hiding behind shadows lurk this side of the hill
illumination on the other side are my dreams I want fulfilled
but it's not about what I want anymore
it's about the grass on this side I need to care for
water definitely isn't enough
because the stream on the other side is getting rough
I'll build a dam and fix the current
I'll build a ladder and move the sun
there's distance from me and this grass of new
maybe it'll turn green and pass for a few
maybe it'll turn yellow but always hold that green grass dew
either way,
I'm waiting at the top, watching her leave
while my heart's at the bottom, unable to breathe

Created: May 27, 2010


dmackcoatnan Document Media