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The two men stood side by side. The men are dressed in their finest black suits. Black on white. Marcus and Malcom were here for one reason. They had an interview with Death herself. Marcus and Malcom walked with leisure into the office. Death stood from a large comfortable looking black leather chair and they exchanged pleasantries. It was everything Marcus had thought it would be. It was nothing Malcom had expected. Marcus was upbeat and annoying.  Malcom was quite and charming. Death liked Malcom. Death couldn't believe how quickly both of them had come through the ranks of the Soul Accountants.  They both had strikingly good marks and it would make her choice difficult. Marcus was asked to leave the room.  Death sits Malcom down and asks him one question. "Why is life important?" Marcus was called back in and Malcom told to leave. The same question was presented. Malcom returns to the office. Death tells them Malcom will take over her job as the grim reaper. Marcus spins into an uproar.  She tell Marcus he will take the other part of her job as gate keeper. It all came down to their answers. Marcus believed life to be important because of all the joy, pain, and vigor people feel it with. He understood how to explain this to people as they pass through the gates. Malcom simply responded saying it was not important. He would be perfect for taking life away because it had no value.  Malcom and Marcus stand side by side as they leave the

Created: Jul 28, 2012


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