One Sunny Afternoon

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It was, in a sense, a dreaful summer. The days were long, hot, and humid.  The sun was so hot even the young children selling lemonade on the side of the road retreated indoors, as it only took a few minutes for the ice in their pitchers to melt, the once $.50 lemonade's price being watered down to none. However, early one morning, a small boy trekked outdoors.

Baseball cap set firmly on his head, he strolled to the end of his driveway with a small ball tucked under his arm. There was no one in sight. The only sound to be heard was the quiet hum of the powerlines above him. He began to roll the ball in one direction, chasing after it only to stop it and roll it the other way. He continued this one-sided game for what seemed like forever (though it was no more than fifteen minutes). The young lad was about to give up, seeing as no one had joined him.

Suddenly, a pair of eyes peeked over the windowsill from across the street. He met the gaze, quirking his eyebrows as his voice ghosted through the glass: Wanna play? As quick as the eyes came, though, they disappeared. The boy sighed and went back to rolling his ball, once again alone in the hot summer sun.

After another eternity, a little girl appeared on the horizon, the same girl who's eyes had watched him from behind the glass of her window. She smiled over at him, eyes glittering from under the brim of her own baseball cap. She trotted over to where he was playing, saying nothing. The boy, in turn, grinned. Yes, she nodded, I want to play. And, with that, she found that the ball had rolled right to her feet.

Maybe it wouldn't be such an endless summer, after all.

Created: Jul 28, 2012

Tags: story

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