10 minute writing challenge - Summer

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Summer. Summer was a girl that was nothing like the season she took for her namesake. She was pale faced, dark haired, and soft spoken, her eyes were an icy grey, and I was in love with them. I was in love with the paradox. Summer was icy and cool and so much better than the season she took for her namesake. I have known her all of my life; she once lived across the street from me, and I wish I could say that we grew up playing together, but the truth is I have always admired from a distance even as a young six-year-old-wide-eyed boy.

Now, recently graduated from high school, I have to face the inevitable. Despite being inconceivably close to the girl of my dreams, I have never mustered the courage to even speak to her, not once. This wouldn’t seem so bad if we hadn’t gone to all the same schools and shared a biology course in junior year.

I am an idiot, and I am about to watch the girl of my dreams walk across the stage receive her diploma and walk away forever.


My excuse for this one is that only four people actually looked at this, or at least that's what the stats at the bottom of the record say. Of those four people I'm not even sure if anyone read it. However, that's just an excuse.

Truth be told this is probably just too typical for anyone to care. It's ansty, there's no real substance, and to me the character seems a little disingenous.

Created: Jul 28, 2012

Tags: boy, summer, high school, girl, writing challenge, love, writing

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