The pensive bird (audio)

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The “0”




Have you ever seen or felt it?


What are you looking at?


Its a funny thing.

It is always near you, although you may not have realized it. It's the beauty that seems to call you closer. The round, romantic and illustrious friend that's always guiding the path. It is not seen nor heard but it leaves traces all around. It can be overwhelming when you come face to face with it but yet, we were guided here gradually, almost as if it was planned on our own accord. When you feel it taking over, it is caressing and tender. You can feel something changing and it is scary but yet, it is the most magnificent feeling that I have ever felt.


How can I get there? I want to fly there as well.


The search is from within. The opportunity is there for you, every day. Although I would like to show you, it wouldn't be the same. My journey is different because well, for every creature, the path is inherently different. I trust that you will see it when you are ready.  

Created: Jul 28, 2012


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