A Dream of a Night Vision

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I stood, starring at the world around me. My fellow human beings enjoying the simple joys of freedom of movement. Mine was gone at the time. My knee was a train wreck, a devastated decay of deformity. Or perhaps it only felt that way, being so swollen that perchance if I detached it, it could have been used to play beach volley ball. So I stood, and looked on at the world around me.

And as I stood I felt a sudden surge, a twisting of time, a transparency of sudden thought. No longer was I trapped in a cage of broken flesh. Or of flesh at all; I was like the wind. Like a leaf caught in an updraft.
I soared on the wind, and left the streets below me. I flew, I flew so high that even mountains seemed as no more than mole hills. Time parted, separated like the Red sea, or like a chest during open heart surgery;
I flew even faster now, over a plain of the sands of time. the sky reeled forward and backward, the stars streaking like lines of paint on a spinning black disk.
In the distance I beheld great obsidian mountains, which diminished in size as I came closer.
I slowed down now, the world slowing as well, as if it were beginning to freeze. I approached a great bleached white tree. And in the branches of this great tree was a city of alabaster. It shone in the darkness brighter than the sun at noonday. I yearned to fly faster to this city, to meet with the people who dwelt there, but I could not. My flight had ended, and I was only a maimed boy standing on the street, watching as the world moved around me.

Created: Jul 28, 2012


A.C. Moore Document Media