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Remembering to Forget

When bad things happen most people tell you to forget it, move on tomorrow’s a new day; but what if this bad thing is something you think you should be remembering. This is my problem each day I’m remembering to forget.

It feels wrong………forgetting I mean and even though bringing back the memories causes me pain I can’t help but do it. You think about all of the thing you could have changed to make it right.

For me even though other people may have gone through what I went though I still feel that no one understands or can begin to fathom my grief and pain.

“Tomorrows a new day” they say, “take it one day at a time” they say.

OK I’ll try.

Isiah Lambkin

Born: 24th Dec, 2011, 11:35am

Died: 24th Dec , 2011, 11:40am



Created: Jul 28, 2012


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