Sunshine Shells, Spilled Moonbeams

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Picking sunshine shells

among pebbles of pastels

— delicate hues, a ruse —

in a stretch of coast.

Too, chasing ghosts.

He could have been Alice.

He could have been in his his

own Land of Wonder, the heir

to a peace confused

with sprouts of fungus.

Rainbows melted

into molecules feasted

upon like oxygen, woven

with strands of the atmosphere.

The fog shadowed fear.

To the navel of the lake

where storms were baked.

the rowboat he paddled, floated

for a while before he throwed

an anchor foamy waves swallowed.

He embraced the moon spilled

from a bottle's mouth — milk.

Rocked the boat. Throw a rope!

He could have been Alice

in bed, devouring cheese.

Created: Jul 28, 2012


kheoj Document Media