Summer Rollercoaster

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Summer. Everything was a rollercoaster. The weather went from a cool sixty degrees to a sweaty ninety-eight in a handful of hours. There was sunshine and gentle breezes one day and it rained and thundered the next. Like polite conersation, the summer was not remarkable because of the weather, however. What made it so were the events that transpired between the people that had the time in their hands to do anything at all. Time went slowly, like the upward climb of the car. There was anticipation, worry, fear, excitement. When I reached the top, I felt the most wonderous of things--kisses from a new love. But alas, the wheels continued to roll, and gravity plucked my head from the clouds and I plummeted down to the scorching sidewalks of reality. I lost the love along the way like an earring that unhooked unexpectedly. And yet, I had little time to be distraught about what I had lost, because there were tracks laid ahead. At the end of the ride, I had to smile.

Created: Jul 28, 2012


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