The REGULARITY (#76) 07/27/12

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CALLING ALL WRITERS: Check out the album "Taxidermied Animals" by brookeduckart and let's see what kind of RECords we can create inspired by these taxidermied animals with strange expressions on their faces. We'd love to turn this into a series of stories, images, or videos!


CALLING ALL MUSICIANS: "Life is Shit Without You In It" is the kind of catchy, smart, and humorous song that we wanna make even more grandiose by getting even more voices and instruments on it. We need Vocalists, Bassists, Drummers, String Players, Horn Players, and Music Producers to come and collaborate on this song with us.


RE: hitRECord 5.0: Welcome to v5, ladies and gentlemen! By now you've surely seen a ton of hitRECord's new features, including the New Homepage, New User Pages, and New Dashboard. Marke, our Creative Director, has got the lowdown on it all, including some of the features that are coming soon!


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FCP by Dr. Gory

Created: Jul 27, 2012

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