This summer

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This summer ive had my first life crisis, my quarter life crises. its like your mid life crisis only its more narcissistic and people care even less. like who cares about you in your mid twenties having a hard time. suck it up.
You work hard and try to keep things in your self, things that mean something to who you are. keep 'em alive, but you've got to grow up right?

am i gonna give up the kids stuff, the dreams, the loves ive held onto for so many years? i still play and fight and try. i think shes moved on and maybe i have. i grow up or down every summer like this cus ive been working like this every summer the same quarter life crisis. but this summer i found out that all this complaining, all this bitching its not for the birds, its me changing...but not. im doing the things i do and love, protecting them so i can keep them. im good at 'em to. So the way i see it ive done good with them for a quarter century, why trade em in for some shit i dont want?

thats what i did this summer.


Created: Jul 27, 2012


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