one story building

By schooladdict

Notes: I think your grammar beats mine, maybe you could copy this and paste it into the part two (correcting my grammar, tense and spelling along the way - if you wish)?

“So…what do you want to do today?”
Fish pulled at the cord in his hoodie, making his face round and small in his jumper cave.
“I dunno…whatever”, Denim replied. He blankly flips through channels, as they both stare emotionless at the tiny portable TV sitting on a milk crate in the corner of the bare room. The reception is bad, the v hold is gone, the picture is forcing Denim’s eyes to go slightly cross eyed in order to make out the image.
“’C’mon, you must want to do something?” Fish sinks further into the couch. He grabs a cushion and pushes it into his face, a muffled moan emerges from the stained and lumpy pillow. “AHH…I’m so bored!!!”
“I don‘t know. What do you want to do?” Denim settles on Oprah, her roundness is visible in the distorted pixels, a booming sound emanates from the tiny box, “HellloOOOoooo….”
“Jesus, I don‘t know, go hang gliding, parasailing, base jumping.”
“Do you know how dangerous base jumping is? I’d rather go skydiving, it’s much safer than base jumping. Not that I feel like skydiving”
“Fine, how about fishing, do you have a problem with fishing?”
“Rock fishing is one of the most dangerous recreational sports there is. I‘d rather go base jumping.”
“Lawn bowls then!” Fish cries in exasperation, his face screws up as though he’s moments away from blubbering.
“Fish” Denim turns to the younger boy, his face sincerely serious, “do you know how many people died from Lawn Bowls this past year alone? Do you think I want to kill myself, I’d rather go fishing.”

one story building

Created: May 26, 2010


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