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its so late for me to watch the movie 500 days of summer. it beens 3 years since its benn showed at the cinemas. i believe it my first independent movies i ever watch.. i really like the story. i really relate myself in the movie of being broken hearted.

its different. the tag line of the movie " its not a love story" actually i like movies about broken hearted and tragic. 500 days of summer is one them. i liked tom and summer they have a good chemistry. so sad they did not a happy ending. i like tom being so in love with summer saying " its official im in love with summer" its so sweet. it nice to hear it, and how broken he was when summer had a change of heart and tom try to get her back.

in the end of the story. i like tom how he picked up his pieces of heart by motivating himself to be an architect. im hoping to have 500 days of summer special part where his friend ask him to write a novel/literature to ease the pain. (how tom was broken, missing summer and get back his life without summer)

i really like the movie. i really relate in this movie. :)

Created: Jul 27, 2012


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