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i'm SO excited to upload this....i put this together for a song by one of my oldest, dearest friends, who is so very talented but has this THING against putting his stuff out this vid constitutes my nefarious scheme for getting him to let me post it here on hR!

the good news is, it worked, he approves, and here it is!

i should say that in deference to the many kinds of love relationships that exist in the world, i didn't want the imagery to speak to any one gender or orientation...but sought to convey the kind of tenderness that comes with heart-connection, no matter who you are or who you love.

thanks for giving it a whirl.

(ps this is the same fellow who wrote "dear shadow" that i posted a while ago. his rocking stuff is even more epic, but alas, i'm not that good an editor!) <3

Created: May 26, 2010

Tags: past, love, baby, forever, remembering, yesterday, regret, goodbye, bittersweet

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