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Summer. I met her when I was small, just a boy. She was the neighbors daughter, kiddie corner to my house. We didn't officially meet or talk outside of forced play dates as children until we reached junior year of high school.

We fell in love before the end of our second semester in college. She hadn't dated much of anyone in high school but not because she was unattractive or bitchy but because she firmly believed that real relationships don't start until you turn 25. Why 25, I would always ask. She simply cocked her head to the left and would say that's when you start to age. I think she always meant that she didn't wanna give her life to someone without enjoying it for herself first. She was 24 when she died and not a single moment goes by where I don't think of how big her heart was and how empty mine feels with her absence.

Created: Jul 27, 2012


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