a beautiful lie : the christopher mayer life

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i feel like that i am a snake you know...kinda predator, i don´t kill but i choose my victims, i like to enter in their minds and play with them...mind tricks, my favorite game...it´s a necesity for me lying and manipulating ,maybe stealing well it´s part of the game...i can´t handle that ...everytime i feel that need , i do it...

i´m the best ...no one knows who i am and if they realised that they were robbed which never happened cause i said i´m good at it...they can´t do anything...why?

wel i said that i choose my victims...forgers, thieves, bad guys in general...they can´t go to the justice and say that they were robbed , they are rounded....

then i give the money to an orphan, i feel identified with those children, they don´t have a family who treats their well as i was, and also they don´t have money to buy clothes or food

i can´t give them a family .but at least i give them money to buy what they need to live in this society.

i´m a good guy, i´m sure about that...in my own terms

but that´s my hidden side

my public side...well

i am the handsome Christopher Mayer..or the son of the boss like some people call me here...maybe with envy, i´m not sure..

i didn´t look for that..you know..you can´t choose your family..and in my case also i couldn´t choose my future...

Sitting in my executive chair...working in a big company

i didn´t want it, my father did...but then i thought that if this work helps me to look normal and also let me do what i like or exactly what i need...

it´s awesome !!



Created: Jul 27, 2012

Tags: story

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