Public Secret

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1st man told 2nd man about a secret. he told him not to tell anybody.

2nd man went to 3rd man's house to drink a coffee and have a nice evening chat.

he has nothing to say, so to chill up the conversation he whisper quietly and tell the secret of the 1st man to the 3rd man. he also adding the message : "please don't tell anybody".

the 3rd man went for a night shift. he feel so sleepy, then met the 4th man. so to avoid sleeping, he start to chat with the 4th man and then tell the secret story from the 2nd man just to make the conversation less boring.

the 4th man went home and met his wife. when his wife ask him what's the story of the day, he then tell the story from the 3rd man. his wife get shocked.

in the morning, the 4th man's wife walk to her neigbour's house and tell the last night story to the housewife.

the housewife gets angry and vent her anger to her husband. the husband feel so shocked, "where did you hear this story?" the 1st man ask with a desperate tone.

Created: Jul 27, 2012


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