Unfinished Story

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The cold summer night at pier 39 and overwhelmed by the slow lingering fog. Seeing the Golden Gate’s light still intact from the dense fog. The cold wet fog dims your vision the only warmth you have is the coat on your back and the cigarette from the tips of your fingers. As you take the warm and deadly breath from the fingertips then the man ask the cold and lonely woman “Want a smoke?”. She kindly accepts glares at the dimed green eyes when he lights the lighter for a drag. The woman ask, “Tell me hot shot, what’s your name?” he replied, “Jack.....your’s?” then she checks him out for a moment then quickly answered, “Mary.”. As Jack decides to himself “What’s a cute gal like you roaming the pier alone in this foggy night?” she relies ” Comfort.” " Why is that? Don't you have a nice warm bed at home?" repiled Jack. She sleathfully close in and her eyes on the prize. She then takes the head slowly into her, she then quites him.

Created: Jul 27, 2012

Tags: done, story, not, help

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