Beach Date (I hate the water).

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Summer was finally here. And I was so thankful that Roman was nowhere to be seen. Why? Roman, the clingy thing that I had learned to call my best friend, was away on vacation with his family for the week. Which meant I got to be with my girlfriend, Abbi.
And with what better place to go than the beach? Well, now this wouldn’t be much of any story, we didn’t do much like most people. She, Abbi, doesn’t like people looking at her body. While I didn’t like going into freezing cold water; only because of Roman, bad swimming pool accident. I also don’t like girls staring at my body like a piece of meat (I’m far too scrawny to do that too anyways).
So instead she compromises. Mostly by her dragging me knee deep into the water.
“Alex, you have to at least try it once. If you go into the ocean, I’ll go in with you.”
I sighed. “Alright, you win.” I smiled. I took her hand and she quickly pulled me out to the rolling water.
That didn’t look fun.
I tried to stop, but she kept pulling.
And we kept getting closer.
And closer.
And closer.
And cl- then my feet were wet and freezing cold. A shiver ran up my spine. And guess what, we didn’t stop, we kept going until the ends of my trunks were soaking wet.
“A-Abbi! This is so cold!” I hissed.
“But you have to get used to it.” She laughed and pushed me into the water.
I gasped when my body plunged into the ice cold water, head and all. When I was up I glared at her. “Why?” I asked, rubbing my eyes.
“Because, you have to get over one way or another.” She said, a large smile on her face.
I went over to her and picked her up by the waist. “Fine, you have to get wet too.” I whined. I didn’t care if it was childish or not. It wasn’t fair. I walked a little further out and dumped her into the water. But unlike me, she fell willingly.
“Hah! Is it cold?” I grinned, feeling victorious.
“Of course.” She whined, grabbing my hand and pulling me under the water again with her. “But sadly for you, I’m never gonna get sick of this. I love swimming.” She said, standing up. The shirt she had worn over her bathing suite clung to her body and I stood up to held pull it off of her skin.
“Th-thank you…” She blushed.
“Yep.” I nodded.
“Alex, does ice cream sound too cold to you? Or has Roman ruined that too?” She asked.
“Oh please, he hasn’t ruined everything.” I rolled my eyes, laughing.
“You make that so hard to believe.”
“No he hasn’t. I’ll buy you however many scoops you want.”
“Five hundred sounds just about right.” She giggled.

Created: Jul 27, 2012


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