What is love anyway?

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Love has always been a mystery to me. As a person, I have trouble understanding myself. Oftentimes, I find myself experiencing emotions that I simply fail to identify. One of those emotions, I tend to identify with love. But is it truly love? I can feel it as an attraction, but can attraction be considered love? Is attraction part of love? Can it be considered true love if attraction is what starts it? By asking such questions, I end up spiraling even further into the maze of love. What is love? Is it an emotion? Is it simply an idea? Is it an event? Or is it a system that plays through whenever somebody falls in it? Am I supposed to feel this love? Am I supposed to be able to understand what its occurrence means? The idea of love is no better than the idea of time. It is defined upon itself, imploding forever into its own existence. The idea is that a person would understand it when they experience it, yet no one can never truly know if they are experiencing it. The best course of action that one can take is to latch on to every attractive loop and pull on it until somebody shows up at the other end. Something like that, I can't possibly comprehend. Something like that, I can't possibly ever hope to render myself capable of accepting its convenient ideals.

Created: Jul 26, 2012

Tags: fiction

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