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Charlotte Frutig being the fourth of six children, with two brothers directly ahead of  her has shaped her into who she is today. She has always felt the need to keep pace with her older brothers and out-do them if possible; thus her very competitive nature. Charlotte grew up on a small farm where it was required that we always work very hard. Daily chores were a compulsory part of every day life. She was home-schooled up until high school, which allowed for a variety of life changing experiences. She was able to travel and spend time in many different parts of the US, as well as abroad with her family, and because of that she was exposed to new and exciting cultures first hand. At home, she was involved in drama, gymnastics (10 years), classical ballet (8 years), horseback riding (4-H), skiing, snowboarding, volleyball, and more. These opportunities and experiences made Charlotte who she is today; outgoing, adventuresome, determined, and willing to try anything that life may throw her way.

A month after graduating high school at seventeen years old she left Michigan and moved to New York City for the summer to study both acting and dance. She moved into a dormitory-style home run by nuns, who house girls from thirty different countries. During the day, she attended dance classes at the internationally renowned Alvin Ailey Dance. There she continued her studies in Ballet, West African, Jazz, Musical Theatre, and Horton. In addition to that, Charlotte attended an acting intensive that was four nights a week studying the Meisner Technique. There she was the youngest in the class interfacing with graduates from New York University, Columbia, and people from all walks of life. By the end of the summer, she had completed the Alvin Ailey Dance program and also gained a certificate of completion for the introduction to the Sanford Meisner Technique. As a result of her positive experience, she decided to return to New York City in the fall to pursue acting and dance full-time. This past year she completed her two-year acting program, and is now officially a graduate of The Acting Studio Inc. This summer 2011 she was in a play, Stage Door, playing Jean Maitland in an Off Broadway production. Afterwards Charlotte moved back to Michigan to continue studying and pursuing acting and dance as a theatre major and dance minor at Eastern Michigan University. She was also in their production of “The Imaginary Invalid”, as the daughter Angelique. It gives Charlotte a great satisfaction to know that she is not limited by what she knows or what is comfortable, rather that there are many opportunities and experiences out there to be had. She just needs to step out and seize them!

Created: Jul 26, 2012


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