Save your soul

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"Find a husband!" said she. "Go to school!" said he. "Make more money!" said they. "Buy a house, buy a car, buy a family, buy some more!" "Get a job, go to work, stuff your pockets, go berserk!" "Fill your life with things, fill your life with stuff! Do whatever it takes to get what you want!"

"Don't take time to travel." "Don't take time for games." "Don't sell everything you have or give it all away." "You need more." "You need more." "You need more," they claim. 

But what if having more things burns out my flame. Soul comes from creativity, soul comes from the pain. Soul comes from sacrifice, not from pursuing success in vain. 

He is not a fool who gives what he cannot keep, so that he may gain what he cannot lose.

Created: Jul 26, 2012


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