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So here's my first idea about how we could end this song. After the horn solo when the song is as big as it gets, we could go back to the chorus and make it dramatic, add more srtings and some dramatic percussion effects (maybe even a choir? :D) or somethign, and then suddenly stop it at "My life is shit without you in it!" and yell it together. Then we could go back to the happy part and continue the solos and singing. I think we could also add some other funny noices, like whistling or something.

Just for fun, I also added some more silliness after the chorus... :o) I thought it would be fun if we'd have something to sing together in the end, something catchy. Though I'm not sure yet if this is what we should be singing... it's either only stupid or stupid enough to be cool... I don't know, you guys decide!

Speaking of which, I've decided I'm not gonna be producing this track, mostly because I've never produced anything and I don't know a shit about doing it, and also because I think I'm not the best person to make final decicions. I want this song to end up sounding as great as possible, so I'm leaving it to the guys who can surely make it happen (you know who you are)! But I'm still gonna let you know my thoughts and ideas! ;)

Anyway, please let me know your thoughts about this ending! These were just suggestions - I know many people have been making some new verses. Mainly I'd just like to know what do you think of these lyrics and this melody, the whole idea of this 3rd chorus :)

thanks! :)

Created: Jul 26, 2012


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