When is this Season? ( 10min Writing Challenge #4 - SUMMER- [7/26/12])

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"No, it's not, it's not Summer!" She screamed, bashing her little fisted hands into her sides. Jenny was six years old, and right now she was shocking her father, Jamie McCleod, with the biggest outrage and most indignation he had seen in her lifetime. Just over 3 and 1/2 feet of pure, unbridled fury she was. 36 lbs of unabashed anger with bouncy little pigtails and a kitty on her t-shirt. The kitty also had a top hat, only making him contrast more with the current intemporate mood of his prideful wearer.

"Okay!" Jamie said, hands raised in a concillatory and protective gesture, "Okay, if you're so sure, can you explain to me why September isn't part of Summer?" 

Jenny paused. she was raised in a house that had a strict put your money where your mouth is policy, and in her few years of pre-school and school (a year ahead, having just finished first grade), she had been training her logic repetoire. She settled on the arguement. "Well, September, Daddy, can't be part of Summer."


"Because I have to go to school in September, and you don't go to school during the summer, ergo..." Jenny was proud of that word, she'd found it on the internet, and it meant therefore, which basically meant the same thing as so, "it's not summer or I wouldn't be in school!"

Jamie considered his options. He could explain to his tiny, pixie-lawyer of a daughter that "Summer", the Vacation, and "Summer", The Season, we're not actually really the same thing. He could explain that, if one was being truly honest, the season, which got there first, really had the vacation bang to rights on this. However, sometimes "logic" has more to do with what you argue than what the sun, and the planet, and space itself told you were true. Anyways, if he remembered correctly, Brazil had Summer in the Winter, so who was he to judge his daughter for putting it a month or so aside?

"Fair point, Jennifer," he conceded, "I'm not the kind of man who can argue against that sort of logic." So, on August 31st, which was, as his daughter had just shown, the last day of Summer, The father and daughter McCleod got some ice cream in the late afternoon sun.


Created: Jul 26, 2012


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