Lover of the year

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She stings the skin but soothes the soul, she steals the school but frees the whole. The asphalt brings a scent of warmth at her presence and clouds clear from the sky to welcome her. Bugs cling to her and present her as a glorious offering for all who find freedom in her arms. She binds hope with reality indulgence with vitality and exuberance with formality. She is: summer. She kisses us softly with each simple breeze, flattering us and expects each of us to lose our heart to her reign. But, as quickly as she crept into our souls with her fervor and zeal, she falls away, back into our memory bank. The leaves scatter the ground with brilliant colors of warmth and the sky shields itself once again with the whitish grey blankets of limitation and control.

Created: Jul 26, 2012


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